More than a Dozen Guns Seized at Wharf

More than a Dozen Guns Seized at Wharf

The collaborative efforts of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) and the Jamaica Customs resulted in the seizure of fifteen high-powered weapons and over 4000 rounds of assorted ammunition at the Kingston Wharves on Thursday, July 20.

The seizure includes:

  1. Two AK-47 Rifles
  2. Three 5.56 carbine rifles
  3. Two 5.56 rifles
  4. Eight Pistols
  5. Thirty assorted magazines
  6. Two 100-round 5.56 spiral magazine
  7. Over four thousand assorted rounds of ammunition
  8. One ballistic vest

“These high-powered firearms and ammunition were destined for the criminal underworld, which continues to wreak havoc in our country and special commendations must be given to the intelligence teams that worked assiduously to make this significant bust,” said Commissioner of Police George Quallo.

Commissioner Quallo also commended the members of the Security Forces and Jamaica Customs. He said, “this is a significant seizure and we encourage citizens to support the security forces to rid our country of the crime scourge and preserve the safety of our nation.”

Investigations are on in earnest.