PRESS RELEASE || December 28, 2017

PRESS RELEASE || December 28, 2017

See press release here Press Release December 28, 2017-Police Federation

‘The Jamaica Police Federation is flabbergasted and blindsided by the comments reported in the media by the Office of the Prime Minister through the Director of Communications Mr Robert Morgan which outlined that they received both letters from the Jamaica Police Federation on Thursday 28 of December 2017’


General Secretary of the Police Federation, Sergeant Cecil McCalla, stated that the first letter asking for a meeting with the Most Honourable Prime Minister, Mr. Andrew Holness was sent via fax on the 20th of December, 2017 and was subsequently hand delivered on Thursday 21st day of December 2017. The correspondence specified, that having met with the Minister of Finance, the Honourable Audley Shaw and his team on numerous occasions, there has been no meaningful consensus as it concerns the salary negotiation for the 2017 – 2019 period hence, the Police Federation is requesting an urgent meeting to attain a timely and reasonable outcome to these lengthy negotiations.


General Secretary McCalla said that the Police Federation is disappointed that the OPM is just responding to the request however, the Police Federation is anxiously awaiting that meeting with the Prime Minister.


He further added that there is overwhelming evidence to prove that the first letter was sent over a week ago and signed for by an employee at the Office of the Prime Minister.



Cecil McCalla, Sgt.

​​General Secretary-Police Federation




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